Why Is My Furnace So Loud?

Although all furnace types aren’t completely silent, it’s difficult at times to identify the difference between your unit’s natural, low humming noise and a new noise that signals a problem. As such, a lot of homeowners have issues figuring out what’s a minor problem and what’s a problem that requires serious repair work.

When you start observing strange noises originating from your furnace, whether it is discussed below or not, you should get a hold of a professional right away for repair because minor difficulties have the probability to evolve into bigger problems if not addressed.


Banging Noises

If you start hearing banging or popping sounds, one potential reason could be due to the interior of your furnace. There’s a probability it could be dirty. This can change the combustion of the gases inside, which triggers numerous issues, one of which might be the cracking of your heat exchanger. Proper annual maintenance ensures everything is clean inside and will aid in stopping this from happening.

A different reason might be the possibility that your ductwork expands and contracts during colder weather. In general, sheet metal contracts when temperatures are frigid, but it promptly expands when the furnace cycles back on, returning the heat. This produces stress around the seams of the ducts. If this happens, the sheet metal buckles out, creating the banging sound you are hearing.


Scraping Noises From Your Furnace

Any scraping sounds originating from your furnace could suggest that your system has critical problems with its blower wheel. If you discover this noise, you should shut down your furnace immediately and call a professional.

Two potential problems that cause this are:

  • The blower wheel on your furnace is damaged, and it should be replaced by a professional.
  • The blower could have become loose, and it could be striking the casing.


Rattling Noises

Rattling noises arising from your heating system are not usually a reason to worry. Most of these problems can be solved with ease.

If you hear these sounds, you need to:

  • Use duct tape on loose ducts or install more screws on them.
  • Put rubber or cork pads below your unit.


Squealing Noises

Squealing noises often mean a motor necessitates a repair, or your blower belt should be replaced. It also could mean that parts of your motor require more lubrication, which, although not as severe as these other issues, should still get serviced by a professional.


Whistling Noises

Reasons for whistling noises include:

  • The gaps inside your ducts are too small. When this causes the noise, you should find it is originating from a slight hole near the location where the duct and furnace come together.
  • A clogged up air filter forces the fan to draw air from wherever it can. You can determine if this is the case by removing the filter and monitoring to hear if the sound ends.
  • Your air filter is so coated by dirt and dust particles that it’s stopping the flow of air. In this circumstance, you need to take the filter out and reinstate a new one.


Scheduling Furnace Repair 

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