Have you ever wondered how old your air conditioning unit has been around? Perhaps you moved into your current home not too long ago, and now you don’t have any solid paperwork on it. It happens. Although it may seem like unnecessary information to know, the fact of that matter is, it’s not; it’s valuable info to have. Air conditioners generally last for around 15-20 years, and that depends on how well-maintained it was. Knowing the age of your air conditioner is truthfully important information we believe every homeowner should know. That way, if it is no longer cooling the home as fast as it used to or is showing other signs of inefficiency, you will be mentally prepared to act accordingly.  

Try using these steps provided by your Beavercreek Heating & Cooling team that you can use to determine the exact age of your air conditioner:


The first thing you always want to try is to look for the manufacturer’s date. Typically, each condenser will have a nameplate positioned on its side. (The condenser is the large metal box outside of your house.) Look for this nameplate and check the upper right corner for the manufacture date listed there.   

Now, most of the time, the date you’re looking for will be listed on that upper corner as MFR DATE. But every unit is different, so if it is not listed as such, you may have to get a little creative and utilize the ever-so-faithful worldwide web.  


If you can’t locate the MFR DATE, then take note of the unit’s brand, model, and serial number, which should also be listed on the nameplate. To make it easier, you can snap a quick pic of the nameplate too. (Work smarter, not harder!) Try putting this info into any search engine online and add the words “manufacture date” at the end of it. With some luck, a site should generate and provide instructions on decoding your exact unit’s manufacturing date.  

Hopefully, this has helped you figure out just how old your air conditioner actually is, but if you still haven’t been able to pinpoint its age for whatever reason, let us help you! Any one of our highly skilled technicians can help you figure it out at your next seasonal maintenance check. We’d love to help no matter what the need is!

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