How Can You Prepare Your HVAC System For Back To School?  

Summer is just about through! This means we are gearing up for the next chapter of the year – back to school! Now, we know what you may be thinking. “What does the back-to-school season have to do with my HVAC system?” It may sound disconnected, but with your daily routines changing and school germs manifesting in the air, trust us; you will want to make sure your home is more than ready to tackle this next season of the year! So, join Beavercreek Heating & Cooling as we talk about ways to ring in a strong school year with your HVAC system.  

Have You Set Up Your Thermostat’s New Schedule?   

With the children now waking up in the wee hours of the morning to head off for school, you likely will be getting back into the groove of your regular work routine. So, whether you work on your job site or telework at home, there will be fewer bodies and, therefore, less body heat in the house. Body heat makes a significant difference in your HVAC system’s required workload. So, with fewer people in the home, your system will have to work less. Therefore, you should find a new energy-efficient temperature to leave your thermostat on during the day. This should be an easy task if your thermostat is programmable or if you have a smart thermostat. You can easily set this new temperature to coincide with the times you and your family won’t be home. In addition, you can also program it to automatically adjust for when everyone is back again in the mid-afternoon. Such a simple step, but doing this will not only reduce energy consumption but also maximize your system’s lifespan.   

Have You Checked the Outdoor Unit?  

You probably had a busy summer this past season!  When summer days were in full effect, it’s possible that plant and weed growth sprouted around your outdoor unit. We’ve mentioned this before, but it is imperative that the vicinity around the compressor stays clear of any vegetation or outdoor items that may harm the unit or compromise its ability to function correctly. Thus, we highly suggest performing a quick once-over of this area before school starts back up! Those first couple weeks of the school year can tend to be a little chaotic with schedule and routine adjustments. The last thing you want is to have missed some pesky weeds that sprouted in the past couple of weeks, causing your HVAC system to malfunction out of nowhere.   

Have You Changed Out the Air Filter?  

Don’t underestimate the power of a clean filter! A new school year is exciting, but it also means new germs lay ahead and all the fall yuckies that come along with that. Air filters should be changed every 1-2 months; however, it certainly won’t hurt to start the year off with a clean slate! You can be proactive and change your filter out beforehand. Air filters are essential components of your HVAC system because they remove loose debris, dust, and other airborne contaminants from the air. This process is done before your system distributes the air throughout your home. Doing this will reduce the risk of bacteria and contaminants in your house and alleviate possible strain on your system, thus guaranteeing its efficiency. So, it’s like killing two birds with one stone – no brainer!  

Have You Considered Using the iWave-R?  

Still thinking about those pesky germs that always seem to circulate this time of the year? While you can’t control the germs your children are exposed to at school or even yourself at work, you can stop bacteria and viruses in their tracks within your home. Say “not today” to unwanted germs with the iWave-R. It’s a home air purification system known to eliminate 99.4% of viruses through its needlepoint ionization. Want more information on this self-cleaning air purification system? Call us today!  

Have You Scheduled Your Fall Maintenace Check?  

And last but not least, don’t let your seasonal tune-up & safety check sneak by you this fall! It’s absolutely vital for regular upkeep and preventative maintenance to get your system checked seasonally. For example, in the fall, your furnace should be serviced for its fall maintenance check. When you book an appointment with us, our NATE-certified technicians inspect your equipment thoroughly and ensure everything is running as it should be. After all, your furnace has been out of work for several months. So, it makes sense to have it checked before its first use of the season and tuned up to guarantee a smooth season for you and your household.   

If you need help getting your home ready for the back-to-school season, Beavercreek Heating & Cooling would love to assist you with your HVAC needs. From answering questions about home purification systems to booking your fall maintenance check, we are ready and waiting to serve you, your home, and your family. So don’t delay; the fall season picks up quickly. Call today to book an appointment with us. You can reach us at (937) 708-8527, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here! Finally, we genuinely hope that you and your family have a fantastic school year!