Do Ceiling Fans Save You Any Money On Energy Bills? 

Ceiling fans– do they really work in lowering your energy bill? You’ve likely heard a comment or two here and there about how ceiling fans aid in air circulation, which ultimately leads to lower costs on your energy bills. While we all love finding extra ways to pinch a pretty penny, you most likely won’t see a drastic change in energy savings. However, don’t let that get you down. There are many positive traits that come from utilizing your home’s ceiling fans. Join Beavercreek Heating & Cooling as we comb through each detail! 

What Is There To Understand About How Ceiling Fans Work? 

First, let’s clear the air here. A common misconception of ceiling fans is that ceiling fans actually assist in cooling the air. This is not true. Ceiling fans are wonderful tools that aid in providing a cooling effect on your skin. They will not, however, lower the overall temperature within the room. A ceiling fan functions by taking the air in the room and circulating it about in a whirring motion, thus creating a cooling effect that feels cool on the skin. 

So, what does this mean for you? Should you continue to use your ceiling fan? The choice is yours. Many people find the cooling effect on their skin comforting. It helps many individuals to sleep well and feel at ease when relaxing at home. But unless you are in the room to enjoy the benefits of the circulated air, consistently leaving the ceiling fan powered on won’t do your A/C system any good. Your air conditioning will still be working as normal to attain and maintain the temperature your thermostat is set at. 

What Is the Most Efficient Way To Utilize Your Ceiling Fan & Gain the Most Energy Savings? 

Ceiling fans are great tools for homeowners to use in conjunction with A/C systems once you understand how they function and how to properly utilize them. There are two things you can do to optimize a ceiling fan. Number one, when turning on a ceiling fan, you should raise the temperature of your thermostat to around five degrees or higher. By raising the temperature, your air conditioner will run less, which in turn is what saves you money on your energy bill. This holds true with or without the ceiling fan being on. So, when you are present in the room, the higher temperature won’t bother you due to the cooling effect of the fan. 

Secondly, if you decide to use your ceiling fan, it would be a good idea to get in the habit of turning it on and off as you enter and leave the room. After all, if you are not present in the room at the time it is on, there is no benefit to letting the ceiling fan run without anyone around. So, keep in mind that this is where many get this misconstrued. Leaving the fan on “to cool the room down” in your absence will perform quite the opposite for you of your intended energy savings; you will see a spike in your next energy bill.  

Are you now intrigued about ways to increase those energy savings? If so, count on your Beavercreek Heating & Cooling to lead the way. We’ve got tips and tricks galore! Feel free to browse through our other blogs for other valuable information about your HVAC system. And if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us at (937) 708-8527, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here