How Should Homeowners Prepare Their HVAC System for Spring?

Apr 8, 2022

With spring here, it is time to bust out all the cleaning supplies and organize that junk drawer that has been utterly taunting you the past couple of months. Spring mode is in full effect! And your Beavercreek Heating & Cooling gang is here for it! As you write your spring cleaning checklist, don’t forget about your cooling unit! When it comes to central air, there are a few things you should do in preparation for the upcoming warmer months to keep your system running smoothly. Ask yourself these questions:

Have You Checked Your Ductwork?

Ductwork is a crucial component of your HVAC system. So checking for holes or leaky joints is a great way to start the task of proofing and prepping your cooling system. As you run through your home, take notes of where you may find any holes or openings. So if there happen to be multiple areas with a hole, you will not have to backtrack and do double the work.

Have You Cleared the Drainage Hole?

Most air conditioner systems usually include a drainage hole near the base. This drainage hole is there for condensation to be redirected away from the unit. It is not uncommon for the drain to become clogged, especially when the cooling unit has not been used in months. Therefore, you will want to check the drainage hole and make sure it is clear of accumulated dust and debris. Clogged drains are no fun to clean up. In addition, a clogged drain will result in your air conditioner not functioning at its best capacity.  

Have You Changed the Air Filters?

This is such an important step for every homeowner to remember. Simply changing your air filters as recommended every 30-60 days makes all the difference in your HVAC unit running adequately. An overloaded and dirty air filter will result in your system overworking itself and could even cause it to short cycle. Also, with pollen and other allergens being prominent during this time of the year, you want to make sure your air filter is ready to do its job and trap those contaminants.

Have You Cleared Obstructions Around the Outdoor Unit?

Another thing you want to check is the vicinity around your outdoor unit. With the changing of the seasons, it is possible for there to be a build-up of leaves and other organic debris. If this is the case with your unit, you will want to clear the area accordingly. In addition, you don’t want any weeds or other vegetation growing around the unit. So, if you see any stubborn sprouts shooting up, be sure to rip them out before they get out of hand. This is also something we want to stress to homeowners. In a perfect world, you should consistently check for build-up around your unit during the warmer months.

Have You Scheduled an Appointment for Your Spring Maintenance Check?

Now that you have covered all the basics tasks, you will want to schedule your spring tune-up & safety check. Keeping up with your seasonal maintenance once a year is essential even though you may not notice anything wrong with your HVAC system. In addition, per the manufacturer’s warranty, this is an important step you don’t want to skip. If you haven’t done so yet, call Beavercreek Heating & Cooling, and we will get you booked for an appointment as soon as possible!

Have You Heard About Our Service Maintenance Agreement?

If you don’t already have our Service Maintenance Agreement plan, the many benefits are worth considering. With a Service Maintenance Agreement, also known as an SMA, you get two seasonal tune-up & safety checks – one for your cooling and heating unit each. Instead of paying for your seasonal maintenance checks separately, these come at a discounted rate. The price is factored into a yearly one-time fee for the SMA. In addition, our SMA customers also get priority scheduling. Finally, maintaining your HVAC system seasonally keeps the manufacturer’s warranty active. If this sounds like something that piques your interest, call us today, and we will be glad to discuss it further with you.

Your local Beavercreek Heating & Cooling service professionals would love to partner with you this season as we head straight into the spring and summer. So take a chance on us; you won’t regret it!. All of our technicians are NATE-certified, and we make it a priority to ensure excellent customer service on every call. Contact us at (937) 708-8527, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!

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