Do You Know The 7 Components Crucial For Air Conditioner Function?  

Aug 5, 2022

During the sweltering summer months, staying cool is a breeze, thanks to your residential air conditioner. However, have you ever wondered what all components it takes to keep your air conditioner running smoothly? Well, you’re in luck because our HVAC experts at Beavercreek Heating & Cooling explain what significant components make up an air conditioner and why they are so important.  

Evaporator Coil 

This equipment is typically located inside the air conditioner’s air handler. The job of an evaporator coil is to receive liquid refrigerant, absorb the heat from passing air, and cool it down as it passes over the coils. The coils on the evaporator coil are made from copper because it is better for thermal conductivity and is effortless to maintain. However, you must remember to keep your evaporator coils clean and in top shape because over time, if dirt and dust build-up, they can become less efficient. 


An air conditioner’s compressor is the most important and expensive component of your home cooling system. The compressor causes the majority of energy consumption of an air conditioner; it is a pump used to compress refrigerant through copper tubing from the evaporator coil to the outdoor condenser coil. Compressors come in all sizes because air conditioners vary in size as well. 

Condenser Coil 

The opposite of an evaporator coil, the condenser coil, is located in the air conditioner’s outdoor unit and pulls heat from the refrigerant and pushes it to the outdoors. Cool air then flows back into the home through an expansion valve, relieving pressure on the refrigerant and cooling it.  

Expansion Valve  

Between the evaporator and condenser coil lies the expansion valve. This piece of equipment expands refrigerant from a liquid to a gas, rapidly cooling it by dropping pressure. After the refrigerant is cooled, it goes to the evaporator coils to repeat the cooling process. 

Air Filter 

Before cool air hits ductwork, it passes through a filter that removes unwanted impurities in the air, like pollen and dirt. This is your air conditioner’s air filter, located in your home’s interior air conditioning unit. Not only can air filters help purify the air you breathe daily, but they also improve your home’s Indoor Air Quality. 


Above, refrigerant was mentioned a few times, so you’re probably wondering what it is. This substance has properties that have the ability to cool or heat a room by compressing or expanding it.  


To maintain reasonable home temperatures, thermostats are essential to the function of air conditioners. Thermostats are used to inform your air conditioner of your home comfort preferences with built-in humidity and temperature sensors, quickly reading room temperatures around your home. 

With current knowledge about air conditioners and their components, understanding how your home cooling system works should be as easy as ever! However, if you’re still struggling with your air conditioner and require professional help, our HVAC experts at Beavercreek Heating & Cooling got your back! Call us today at (937) 708-8527 or schedule an appointment online by clicking here!  

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